OFVMOxford Film and Video Makers (UK)
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Terms Description C The set of running cloudlets, C = {[c.sub.1], [c.sub.2], ..., [c.sub.N]} K The set of tasks running on the cloudlets, K = {[K.sub.1], [K.sub.2],..., [k.sub.M]} A The set of APs deployed in WMAN, A = {[a.sub.1], [a.sub.2], ..., [a.sub.w]} E(t) The total energy consumption without VM migrations [g.sub.n] The number ofVM instances [c.sub.n] (n = {1, 2,..., N}) accommodates.
However, there have been no new types ofVMS products that have exhibited sustained growth, and channel shifts have moderated overall.
It can facilitate migration ofVMs between physical servers in order to (i) pull out physical servers from an overloaded state when the sum of VMs capacities mapped to a physical server becomes higher than its capacity and (ii) turn off a physical server when the VMs mapped to it can be moved to other physical servers.