OFXOpen Financial Exchange
OFXOpen Effects
OFXOuter Fix
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Antibiotic disks: Amoxicillin (AML) 25[micro]g; Amoxicillin/Clavulanic Acid (AMC) 20/10 [micro]g/[micro]g; Azithromycin (AZM) 15[micro]g; Cephalexin (CL) 30[micro]g; Ciprofloxacin (CIP) 5[micro]g; Colistin (CT) 50[micro]g; Doxycycline (DO) 30[micro]g; Enrofloxacin (ENR) 5[micro]g; Erythromycin (E) 15[micro]g; Florfenicol (FCC) 30[micro]g; Flumequine (UB) 30[micro]g; Gentamicin (GN) 15[micro]g; Norfloxacin (nOr) 5[micro]g; Ofloxacin (OFX) 5[micro]g; Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (SXT) 23.75/1.25 [micro]g/[micro]g; Tetracycline (TE) 30[micro]g; and Tobramycin (TOB) 10[micro]g were supplied by Oxoid.
In the univariate analysis, patient marital status, history of TB treatment, registration category, and center(s) that had provided previous TB treatment were significantly associated with Ofx resistance.
Seby F, Potin-Gautier M, Giffaut E, Borge E, Donard OFX (2001) A critical review of thermodynamic data for selenium species at 25[degrees]C.
Treatment regimen: The standardized regimen consisted of an intensive phase (IP) of 6-9 months with 6 drugs, namely kanamycin (Km), ofloxacin (Ofx), ethionamide (Eto), pyrazinamide (Z), ethambutol (E), and cycloserine (Cs) given daily.
These constructions typically denote conventionalized measures (a litre of x), fractions (a slice ofx), quanta (a lump ofx), collections (a group ofx), or forms (a pile ofx).
The mean covariogram [[gamma].sub.X] of X is the expectation ofthe covariogram ofX with respect to its distribution, that is [[gamma].sub.X]: [R.sup.d] [right arrow] [0, [infinity]) is the function defined by
Although the Wiener-Wintner theorem gives the construction of the function x it does not ensure boundedness ofx. In fact, x need not be an element of [l.sup.[infinity]] (Z) [18].
If there exists an (r - 1) -dimensional vector bundle [eta] over [absolute value of X]/[GAMMA] such that [xi] [direct sum] [eta] is trivial, then there is a [GAMMA]-invariant subdivision Y ofX such that
FIGURE 2 shows an AMP Tyco, LIGHTRAY OFX, a flexible solution for precision fiber management in high fiber count telecommunications network equipment applications.
The solution integrates ADT's extended line of Sensormatic Ultra*Max deactivators with NCR's latest generation, small-footprint bioptic scanner/scale, the NCR RealScan 74 OFX.