OFZObstacle Free Zone (FAA)
OFZOrozco Fracture Zone (geology)
OFZOsterreichisch Französisches Zentrum (German: Austrian-French Center)
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Overall bullish on OFZ and local bond market on monetary policy and inflation grounds
OFZ is involved in the manufacture of a wide range of ferro-alloys on the basis of manganese and silicon, namely ferromanganese, ferromanganese silicon and ferro-silicon.
As for local markets, RUB continued to outperform EM FX to some degree, rates (XCCY/IRS) consolidated at lower levels in anticipation of the first MTRO auction/rate cuts, while OFZ curve firmed in flattening bias despite soft demand at the primary auction.
88% per annum), which is 142 bps against the OFZ curve, the lowest spread to the OFZ curve among all recent placements with a BB rating.
The interest in ruble assets will be tested at today's auction for OFZ 26210.
Longterm first-tier corporate bonds become interesting as the spread to OFZ is widening.
OFZ were also well bid yesterday, outperforming almost every EM local currency bond market on the way down in yields.
In fact this is exactly what has been happening - since the sell-off in global duration started at the end of April 10y OFZ yields increased by some 75bps vs 85bps for UST 10y.
That said this move might also be related to foreign real money investors hedging their OFZ exposure and hence it might not necessarily reveal rate expectations as anecdotal evidence suggests many people still expect first rate cut tomorrow.
Released benchmarks for OFZ that will be offered today seem moderately
By our calculations, average OFZ yield fall yesterday totalled 2 b.