OFRIOntario Forest Research Institute (Ministry of Natural Resources; Canada)
OFRIOld Frisian (linguistics)
OFRIOregon Forest Restoration Initiative
OFRIOffice for Foreign Relations and Information (Czech Republic)
OFRIOxygen Flow Rate Index (cardiovascular medicine)
OFRIOxygen-Mediated Free Radical Injury (cardiology)
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That will provide a real bump in research activity and should better cement their relationship with GLFC and OFRI.
According to the Ofri survey, however, home automation has not yet broken through to the mainstream.
Ofri: To me, disillusionment is when you no longer feel you have the same energy to give to your profession, or your profession no longer feels like what it was when you entered.
Ofri, "Uvea," in Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, pp.
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Poor self-awareness in physicians can result in defensive behavior and power struggles (Eggly & Tzelepis, 2001), avoidance, and compromised clinical judgment attributable to bias (Groopman, 2007; Ofri, 2013).
The OFRI repeatedly declares that massive aerial poisoning of tree farms is a "normal and accepted" practice because it eliminates weeds (read: all native plants) and reduces human labor.
After the suicide deaths of two newly minted doctors in New York City within days of each other in August 2014, at a time when many white coat ceremonies were occurring in medical schools across the United States, well-known physician and author Danielle Ofri pleaded to students that they do not succumb to the "tyranny of medicine."
With Helene Aylon, Samantha Baskind, Siona Benjamin, Judy Chicago, Hillary Chute Ofri Cnaani, Toby Cohen, Marc Michael Epstein, Tom Freudenheim, Claudia Gould Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Carol H.
The retina is the eye structure responsible of the vision capacity, connecting the information to the visual cortex through the optic nerve and the lateral geniculate body; is the most metabolically active tissue of the body, as its oxygen consumption indicates (Ofri et al., 2008).
Danielle Ofri, M.D., is an essayist, editor, and practicing internist in New York City.