OG1Osteocalcin Gene 1
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Trials were sown in 1992 (SB2), 1997 (SW1, OG2, and SB3), 1998 (SW2, OG1, SB1, and HW), or 1999 (SW3).
Satellite thrust manoeuvres have been completed to equally position five of the OG2 satellites within their plane (now referred to as Plane K) to provide optimum coverage and fill the gap in the existing OG1 constellation.
In addition, the OG2 satellites are fully backwards compatible with ORBCOMM's existing OG1 network, as a result, ORBCOMM's customers do not need to change or upgrade their fielded devices and are now seamlessly using the six OG2 satellites to send and receive messages for their applications with their existing platforms.
In order to meet continuous employee growth, an existing three-storey building section of the IWU (EG + OG1 + OG2) is to be extended along the Nthnitzer Strae and jacked up.
1 875 m 2 layer structure over ceiling OG1, walk-on; - approx.
Invitation to tender : Ceiling claddings made of obliquely fixed, bent aluminum fins, consisting of individual, fold-down elements, with acoustic interlayer, in the ring corridors EG and OG1, total 3'300 m2.
InFuse makes provision for convenient and effective articulation with other SRC common building blocks in particular: OG1 (RCOS), OG2 (autonomy framework) and OG4 (sensors suite).
Mullion-transom facades OG1 + 2 L / W: 16,20 m / 5,60 m, 4 pcs