OGACOffice of the US Global Aids Coordinator
OGACopen grade asphalt concrete
OGACOil and Gas Advisory Committee
OGACOrganization of Gesture and Avatar Creators
OGACOrganisation de Gestion des Aires de Conservation (French: Conservation Area Management Organizations)
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OGAC data projections suggest that more than 11 million AIDS-related deaths and nearly 16 million HIV infections have been averted worldwide as a result of the program's ongoing efforts.
where P(i)--the probability of selecting one specific surface mix i; i--an mix index representing DAGC, OGAC, RAC-G, RAC-O; [V.
1, the surface mixes rank in an order of RAC-O < OGAC < RAC-G < DGAC in terms of their noise levels.
at BFS, USAID/FFP, USAID/NUT, USAID/OHA, and OGAC, USDA) who focus on building partnerships and improving policies and programs.
PEPFAR is the only exception to this consolidation and will remain under the OGAC.
According to OGAC, Anadarko will be auctioning off more than 1,000 parcels of oil and gas mineral properties in Arkansas.
OGAC says the Anadarko assets will be offered on pre-determined lease terms that will be available prior to the auction through the company.
Two recently released reports highlight the specific needs of women for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, and detail steps that Congress and OGAC can take to strengthen AIDS programs for women and girls.
OGAC recognizes the importance of HIV prevention, at least on paper.
HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria programs and authorized the creation of OGAC to
The Center for Global Development recommends that OGAC develop clearer guidelines for performance-based funding, make funding decisions transparent, and publish data on individual grant performance.