OGCMOcean General Circulation Model
OGCMOvarian Germ-Cell Malignancy (gynecological oncology)
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The imposition of an ENSO-type global monthly mean wind stress field in an OGCM revealed important interannual variability fluctuations in the tridimensional interannual volume transport fields over the SBB and near offshore region.
A series of eddy-resolving ocean simulations in the world ocean: OfES (OGCM for the Earth Simulator) Project, OCEAN'04, 3, pp.
While lab and numerical simulations have brought to light several key features of DC, the translation of this information into a reliable model usable in OGCMs has not yet been achieved, with the result that Deep Convection is still poorly understood.
Tracking down the delayed ENSO oscillator with an adjoint OGCM. Technical Report 97-23, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, P.O.
In many ocean general circulation models (OGCMs), especially those formulated in fixed spatial grids, mixing in a model grid is represented by some form of averaging its properties with those in surrounding grids.
The adjoint model of an OGCM can be used to calculate the sensitivities, [partial derivative]J/[partial derivative]dX(r,t), where X is any variable of concern at location r and at time t.
[22], HYCOM was able to generate a more realistic EUC than several other popular OGCMs [22].
To estimate the contributions of the evolution of the ocean and sea ice linear-fit background state over the last 36 years, and the 2014/15 fall-winter atmosphere to the NH March SIE minimum, we perform a set of control and sensitivity experiments with a state-of-the-art ocean-sea ice general circulation model (OGCM).
The ocean general circulation model (OGCM) applied to this system was based on version 3 of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) Modular Ocean Model (MOM) [10].