OGDIOpen Geographic Datastore Interface
OGDIOpen Geospatial Datastore Interface
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OGDI was not consistent, for some catalogs like that of the city of Waterloo, Ontario, did possess maps, while Red Deer, Alberta, did not.
PREFIX snomedct: <http://purl .bioontology.org/ontology/SNOMEDCT/> PREFIX ogdi: <http://purl.bioontology .org/ontology/OGDI#> PREFIX ndfrt: <http://purl.bioontology .org/ontology/NDFRT/> SELECT DISTINCT ?disease WHERE { { SERVICE <EHDN-REGISTRY-SPARQL- ENDPOINT> {?patient_EHDN snomedct:uses_ substance ndfrt:N0000029130.
PREFIX doid: <http://purl.obolibrary .org/obo/doid#> PREFIX ogdi: <http://purl.bioontology .org/ontology/OGDI#> SELECT ?phen ?disease (COUNT(DISTINCT ?patient) as ?count) WHERE { { SERVICE <EHDN-REGISTRY-SPARQL- ENDPOINT> {?patient doid:has_symptom ?phen.
"OGDI now breaks the geospatial data barrier that have prevented GIS technology to move into mainstream market place" Gilles Clement, CEO, Global Geomatics, architect of OGDI.
"...researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are using OGDI software for projects with California State emergency response and planning Systems, NASA Earth Science Enterprise data, and the NSF Digital Libraries Initiative." - Kenn Gardels, GIS research specialist, UC Berkeley OGDI is the result of Global Geomatics' long term collaborative research and development program with National Defense, Canada.
According to the company, to help public sector entities meet the demands for transparency, collaboration and participation, Microsoft's OGDI provides an Internet standards-based approach to house existing public government data in its cloud computing platform, Windows Azure.