OGDROrange Group Device Requirements
OGDROpto-Galvanic Double Resonance
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Parkin Protects against OGDR Induced Apoptosis and Mitochondrial Dysfunction by Promoting Drp1 Degradation.
Our data suggest that mitochondria are sensitive to OGDR insult.
Moreover, OGDR insult not only induces mitochondrial fragmentation, but also regulates Drp1 expression.
In our study, we also demonstrated that OGDR insult inhibits parkin protein expression in mouse N2a cells, which was more remarkable after prolonged reperfusion period following 4 h of OGD.
Thus, UPS might also be involved in OGDR insult induced cerebral damage.
In this study, we also demonstrated that knockdown of Drp1 by siRNA protects against OGDR induced mitochondrial damage and apoptosis.
Moreover, our data suggests that overexpression of parkin protects against OGDR induced apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction, indicating that parkin is protective in OGDR insult.
In conclusion, our study demonstrates that mitochondria are fragmented, and expression of Drp1 and parkin protein is altered after OGDR insult in mouse N2a cells.
Caption: Figure 1: OGDR affects mitochondrial morphology and the protein levels of Drp1 and parkin.
Caption: Figure 2: OGDR affects Drp1 expression through ubiquitin proteasome system.