OGDSOesophago-Gastric-Duodeno-Scopy (medical procedure)
OGDSOil and Gas Development Strategy (Canada)
OGDSOne Great Day of Service
OGDSOberthur Gaming Distribution System (François-Charles Oberthur)
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The researchers found that the rates of post-endoscopic infection within seven days per 1,000 procedures were 1.1 for screening colonoscopy, 1.6 for non-screening colonoscopy, and 3 for OGD, all of which were higher than screening mammography and lower than bronchoscopy and cystoscopy (0.6 versus 15.6 and 4.4, respectively).
Because oil globule size is closely related to energy stores, the oil globule diameter (OGD) was used as a proxy for the amount of stored energy, which is used by embryos and larvae during early development and after they enter the marine environment before they learn to feed.
Because gravid females were sampled at different times and embryos were at varying stages of development, these factors had to be considered when examining the relationship between OGD and maternal age, length, or weight (maternal factor).
The OGD observations were adjusted by subtracting the expected OGD based on polynomial expression for stage,
OGD = intercept + [[beta].sub.1][S.sub.i] + [[beta].sub.1][S.sub.i].sup.2 (1)
A polynomial fitted the data better than other methods (e.g., linear or squared) and was used to predict OGD (intercept = 3.51 x [10.sup.-1], [[beta].sub.1] = 1.04 x [10.sup.-2], [[beta].sub.2] = -1.79 x [10.sup.-3], [r.sup.2] = 0.65, P<<0.05).
All units provided basic diagnostic OGD until recently, when 2 district hospitals had their services suspended due to the withdrawal of outreach endoscopists from their regional hospital.