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"Because of this tool, the days I waited for a RIP, report, or roster have passed," said Ogea. "Although computer systems will never replace having your own personnelists at the squadron level, the Base Level Service Delivery Dashboard and centralized support at AFPC will allow squadron commanders to maximize resources to meet our customer's basic personnel needs."
Ademas, la semilla asada es molida y mezclada con caolin y una resina de copal de la especie Daniellia ogea (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae) para uso oral contra el asma, en Ghana, Africa (Ampofo, 1983).
Los Marlins tendran que refugiarse en su novato, el cubano Livan Hernandez para tratar de equiparar las acciones en el monticulo con el excelente trabajo que viene realizando Chad Ogea.
Accra copal, Benin Locally called "ogea gum" in Liberia, Ghana
Game 2 will be at 7:30 tonight, with Florida's Kevin Brown pitching against Chad Ogea.
First Strikeout: September 22, 1998--Against Cleveland Indians right-hander Chad Ogea at Yankee Stadium
Pitcher, Club IP HR Pedro Astacio, Rockies 232 38 Chad Ogea, Phillies 168 36 Andy Benes, Diamondbacks 198 34 Paul Byrd, Phillies 199 34 Darryl Kile, Rockies 190 33 Woody Williams, Padres 208 33 Steve Trachsel, Cubs 205 32 Ismael Valdes, Dodgers 203 32 Chan Ho Park, Dodgers 194 31 Brett Tomko, Reds 172 31 Brian Bohanon, Rockies 197 30 Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks 271 30 Jose Lima, Astros 246 30 AMERICAN LEAGUE Pitcher, Club IP HR Rick Helling, Rangers 219 41 Sidney Ponson, Orioles 210 35 Jeff Fassero, Sea./Tex.