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OGFOrientations Générales de Formation (French: General Training Guidelines)
OGFOpen Grid Forum
OGFOhio Grantmakers Forum (philanthropic organization)
OGFOpen Grid Forum (est. 2006)
OGFOld Girlfriend
OGFOutback Gondwana Foundation (Australia)
OGFOld Growth Forest
OGFOpen Gaming Foundation
OGFOpcode Group Field (Bluetooth)
OGFOregongreenfree (online medical marijuana community)
OGFOnline Gaming Forum (video games; computer games)
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For more information on OGF and how you can restore your body to the way it was, go to GlutathioneNews.com or call Kurt Shafer.
OGF is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified & state of art manufacturing facility in Oman to manufacture high quality Industrial Gaskets (metallic, semi- metallic & soft) like Spiral wound, soft cut, cam profile, Rubber, Non-Asbestos, EPDM, PTFE, Solid metal, insulation gaskets, O Ring & Ring type (RTJ) gaskets.
Data Analysis--We obtained frequencies of parasite shedding through the entire study period and calculated k as an aggregation measure (Wilson et al., 2002) with the formula k = [m.sup.2]/[s.sup.2] - m, where m is the mean EGF or OGF and [s.sup.2] is the variance (Wilson et al., 2002).
(OGF) to its position as the category leader in gourmet lollipops.
Working alongside the Old Guard Foundation (OGF, a nonprofit group) and the Retired Correctional Peace Officers Museum in Folsom, Calif., CPOF is realizing that important goal.
Our most advanced clinical program involves immunotherapy with met-enkephalin (MENK) and/or opioid growth factor (OGF), which have been shown to stimulate the immune system even in patients with advanced cancer.
The importance ogf the mesh size for the extraction of the muddy bottom meiofauna.
[26.] Oyarekua MA and EI Adeyeye Comparative Evaluation of the Nutritional Quality, Functional Properties and Amino Acids Profile of Co-fermented Maize/cowpea and Sorghum/cowpea 'Ogf as Infant Food.
McLaughlin, "Opioid growth factor (OGF) inhibits anchorage-independent growth in human cancer cells," International Journal of Oncology, vol.
Besides, Open Grid Forum (OGF) [13] also has the ambition to solve the problem of interoperability for IaaS.
The seventh habitat was the interior of an und isturbed old growth forest (OGF) that has been protected since 1977 in CICOLMA ([approximately equal to] 550 m away from the other six habitats).