OGIFOffice of Global Internet Freedom (US Department of State)
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In consideration, the company will now issue 272m new ordinary shares to OGIF.
OGIF currently holds a 75% interest in a reconnaissance permit over the Meridja area with the remaining 25% interest held by Morocco's Office National des Hydrocarbures des Mines.
I have been able to raise a building of my own through the proceeds of this business, thanks to OGIF".
to the OGIF all information or data related to the censorship of
To ensure these businesses were professionally set-up and managed, OGIF engaged non-profit agencies to provide the beneficiaries with requisite training in technical operations, business management and such soft skills as team building, customer service and relationship management.
businesses that collect or obtain personally identifiable information through the Internet to notify the OGIF and the Attorney General before responding to a disclosure request from an Internet-restricting country.
As consideration for the Option, Sound Energy will pay OGIF USD 100,000 and will conduct and fund early stage commitments under the Reconnaissance Permit up to a maximum of USD 200,000.
James Parsons, Chief Executive Officer of Sound Energy, commented: "We are very pleased to have received this first expression of interest which potentially enables us to construct the infrastructure which would be required at Tendrara without equity dilution, whilst also further broadening our strong partnership with OGIF."
This call for proposals relates formalized the establishment of replacement and installation markets, leasing, maintenance and survey of cold water meters for Heritage OGIF located in le-de-France.
Sound Energy has entered into a binding agreement with Oil & Gas Investment Fund (OGIF) allowing the company to acquire a 55% interest in the Meridja permit, onshore Morocco.
Implementation of maintenance contracts for green areas for housing wealth of OGIF.
This contract is for the installation, rental and removal of anti-intrusion system on the assets managed by the following contracting authorities - SA HLM France Habitation (Coordinator of the grouping)- The Domaxis company- The Sahlmap company- The OGIF company- The company SNR,- APEC Locapec rental company,- The Soguim SARL acting on behalf of the following real estate companies: SCI 3 Fontaines / SCI APEC Residence / Valery BROCA SCI / SI MI WELLS TOWN / Locaflandre SCI / SCI Ruisseau des GAINS / SI Orteaux Bagnolet.