OGINOlimpiada Geograficzna I Nautologiczna (Polish: Geographical and Nautolgical Olympics; school competition)
OGINOntario Golf Information Network (Canada)
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Halo said that Ogin's IEC-Certified wind turbine achieved the best aerodynamic coefficient of performance in the industry.
Through its acquisition of Ogin's aerodynamically optimized turbine design which was developed over 10 years at a cost exceeding USD 150m, Halo Energy is leveraging the significant advancements made by Ogin in shrouded turbine technology and hoping to accelerate the adoption of on-site wind generation as a distributed energy resource.
Halo Energy is currently incorporating the Ogin technology into its existing 5kW turbine design and expects to have an operating unit by year-end which it will use for performance validation.
Led by Vin Loccisano and Oliver Foley, the company was formed by a small team of former Ogin Inc.
For shear-lag model used by Berthelot [12], Ogin model stiffness reduction curve is applied [13].
559; Super Future Equities, 2008 WL 3261095; Ogin, 563 F.
Wind turbines company Halo Energy announced on Tuesday the completion of the wind-turbine technology from Ogin Inc.
The acquired IEC-Certified Ogin technology wind turbine has reportedly achieved the best aerodynamic co-efficient of performance in the industry.
Upon completion of the acquisition, Ogin's USD150m aerodynamically optimized turbine design will accelerate the adoption of on-site wind generation as a distributed energy resource.
Through the new technology, Halo Energy plans to incorporate Ogin design into its small-scale wind platform offering sub-10kW turbines uniquely suited for on-site generation for telecommunications towers, offshore oil & gas rigs, commercial and industrial facilities, and mobile power plants.
"I think we're becoming much more sensitive to maintaining the quality of life," says Greg Ogin, president of the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and a real estate broker at Gerry Rott & Associates in Kailua-Kona.
Ogin's observation is especially pertinent to the island's tourism industry, which continues to draw growing numbers of pleasure seekers to its sleepy shores.