OGLIOptional Group Life Insurance (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System)
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Ogli accentuated the OIC supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's measures in this regard, urging all OIC member countries to cooperate with the Kingdom and to comply for this purpose in order to ensure fair and equal opportunity to all Muslims who would like to perform the Hajj pilgrimage and their rituals both safely and comfortably.
As these practices are doomed to some weaknesses (for instance, low precision and sensitivity, their time-consuming nature, etc.), researchers are getting increasingly interested in application of nanoparticles in cancer tumor imaging and processing," Salman Ogli told the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council.
Salman Ogli pointed to the choice of infrared wavelength for imaging, which intensifies photoluminescence power of the nanoparticles substantially, as a significant result of the research.
Hasan Celebi'nin Usuli icin " Ruma 'avdet eyleyup gah Yenicede ve gah Evrenos Begun ogli 'Abdi Begun yaninda iken vefat idup guyende-i bezm-i fenanun usuline uymagla terk-i sohbet-i beka ve meclis-i hayat eyledi."(EYDURAN 1999:163).
Provenendo il modo della sussistenza tutta di quasi il corpo intiero de cittadini habitanti a Cavallaria e Ligudista dal tratto de vini, che sono di loro special ragione non havendo ne terreni da grano, ne ogli, ne mercatura, ne altra industria, si supplica, com'e anco di costume nell'altre parti del Regno, che non sia posta a niuni stessi alcuna servitu, ma habbiano i loro padroni la liberta di venderli conforme al proprio interesse; ben quelli che saranno condotti nel borgo, o piazza habbino a dipender dalle stime de giustitieri.
Azimov arrived accompanied with Javanshir Ashraf ogli Akhundov, an
Professor Ogli urged the world community to promptly intervene in order to stop the transgressions of Israeli occupation forces against Islamic and Christian sanctities.(IY)
Councillors don't like abuse, voice on the TV reunites pals after 45 years and much more make the news 58 years ago this week * This advert for Ovaltine biscuits appeared this week in 1954 colliery in preparation for his next fight, a rematch against Ogli Tettey in Cardiff.