OGMPOrganelle Genome Megasequencing Program (University of Montreal; Canada)
OGMPOffice of Grants Management and Policy
OGMPOffice of Graduate Minority Programs (various locations)
OGMPOpen Gateway Management Protocol (software)
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Although some of the protist mtDNAs initially examined (e.g., those of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the apicomplexan Plasmodium falciparum, the human malaria parasite) proved to have a very unusual - indeed bizarre - structure, subsequent work by the OGMP and other groups has indicated that these mtDNAs are likely to be highly derived.
Sequencing of protist mtDNAs is continuing in the OGMP, with the current emphasis on identification of further examples of ancestral mitochondrial genomes from organisms branching deep within the eukaryotic lineage.
Information about the OGMP and about individual mtDNA sequencing projects and informatics tools may be obtained by consulting World Wide Web sites for the following organizations (URLs given below): the OGMP, the allied Protist Image Database (PID), the Organelle Genome Database (GOBASE) (20), and the Fungal Mitochondrial Genome Project (FMGP).