OGODOne Gene One Disorder
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At the same time, we should emphasize that the contrast between OGOD and QTL approaches to understanding complex behavior such as intelligence is not a one-or-the-other choice.
OGod, it was terrifying, especially when I heard people like Charles Dance were in it,O says Carey.
Ogod River gets the attention now for making Donsol a day-to-night destination, thanks to a firefly tour.
Most of the clay vessels studied in this book are from Italy, from the Etruscan necropoleis, and portray Dionysos as not only the ogod of wine,o but also the god of change.
Another environment issue confronting Donsol is the cutting of mangrove trees in Barangay Ogod by residents who use these as a parking area for boats.
It took them a week to settle into their environment and after that, it was like, OGod, did they really do that?O A lot of the stuff went on the cutting-room floor.
If I had a pound for everyone who said, OGod, arenOt you tiny?O, IOd be laughing.
I was too young to be affected by Thatcherism, but when I saw Billy Elliot and I saw what happened to the working classes, I thought, OGod, this is disgraceful.O What happened to my grandparents, and to the miners, is in my blood, and it makes me who I am.
IOve had fat times where IOve thought, OGod IOm never going to shift this before I start filmingO, but if I put my mind to it, I always can.