OGPCOld Greenwich Presbyterian Church (New Jersey)
OGPCOak Grove Presbyterian Church (Bloomington, MN)
OGPCOffice for Government Policy Coordination (South Korea)
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A number of facilities will be constructed by July of 2019 in order to ensure the production of diesel fuel meeting Euro 5 standard and several facilities will be built by May of 2020 for producing gasoline meeting Euro 5 standard, according to the SOCAR OGPC representative.
Beyond that, attention will shift to the massive world-class USD17bn OGPC, which will improve efficiency and provide a wider range of higher-value refined products.
"Its construction is envisaged as part of a new oil and gas processing, gas and petrochemical complex (OGPC) in Azerbaijan," Qahramanov said.
In case of expediency of coordinating the old and new enterprises, the costs envisaged for the OGPC establishment may be reduced.
Tenders are invited for Up-gradation of Rajouri Chowdharynar-Dodaj by way of Providing & laying of 25 mm thick OGPC over 50 mm thick BM and WMM in patches/stretches from km 8th Rdo to km 10th RD 1000.
Tenders are invited for up-gradation of roads by way of providing and laying of WBM Gr-III in patches stretches & 25 nun thick OGPC over 50 mui thidk BM on following roads, Darhal to kandi in Km RD 0-1000.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying 20 mm thick OGPC on link road Gurah Singh and allied links And on link road At Panjore Mata (Jhiri)
Tenders are invited for Restoration of road surface by way of P/L WBM G-III and P/L 20mm thick OGPC in patches / stretches on Wasohalan Hajipora road (OGPC to be laid manually)
Tenders are invited for Restoration of Road Surface by way pf Providing and Laying of WBM G 3rd and 20mm thick Compacted OGPC in Patches and Stetches at Syedpore Etc.
Tenders are invited for Restoration of Read by way of WBM G 3rd and 20mm Thick Compacted OGPC at Vicharnag Nowshehra Srinagar.
SOCAR President Abdullayev has stated that talks are being carried out on the opportunity of Japanese firms involvement in the construction project of the Oil and Gas processing and Petrochemical Complex (OGPC).
Tenders are invited for Providing and taring 50 mm thick BM and 25 mm thick OGPC on tho foLling Roads.