OGPIOffensive Gegen Die Pelzindustrie (German)
OGPIOil and Gas Production Index (Brunei)
OGPIOriginal Gross Premium Income (insurance)
OGPIOkefenokee Glee & Perloo, Inc.
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In late 2018, the OGPI Didipio operations undertook recertification in its International Organization for Standardization's Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001).
While OGPI has a pending renewal of their FTAA before the Office of the President, it elevated their injunction case to the Court of Appeals after they were recently denied at the Regional Trial Court (RTC) here.
'We are grateful that MGB continues to see the importance of this industry to the Filipino people,' OGPI general manager David Way said.
We encourage them to excel in what they do and potentially be the next great leaders of their respective communities,' OGPI general manager David Way said.
I fully support this action of Didipio residents, counting among them Bugkalots and other tribes from the Cordilleras who have long been suffering from the negative impacts of this large-scale mining of OGPI.
"As an advance rehabilitation measure, we have been planting Vetiver grass since 2008 at the mine site even before operations started and we also have proven it very effective against soil erosion and landslides," said Ramoncito Gozar, (Ogpi) senior vice president for Communications and External Affairs.
Didipio- a barangay of about 4,000 people, which has hosted OGPI's mining operation -is the primary recipient of the company's tax remittances.
Being the host province, I deem it very necessary that we should be properly informed of all issues relative to OGPI. There should be full transparency on this matter, Cuaresma said.
In a technical services agreement with OGPI as a service provider, OGSAI shall manage and operate a central nursery for the production of various agro-forest tree seedlings needed in the commercial tree plantation and implement reforestation projects of the Australian mining firm.
OGPI is taking the lead in using clean and sophisticated technologies, making it one of the best in the world in terms of water management.
The order considered the claim of the Mines and GeoSciences Bureau (MGB) that OGPI can continue its operations pending the approval of its new FTAA application as a mere pronouncement and not a confirmation allowing the resumption of the firms operations.
(OGPI) recently bared their updated contributions to the countrys economy and development as they continue their operations at barangay Didipio in this town.