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OGPUObedinennoe Gossudarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravleniye
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(60) A secret report of July 1933 included 306 cases of typhus and 86 of typhoid for Uzbekistan ("Spetssoobshschenie sekretno politicheskogo otdela OGPU SSSR ob epidemicheskikh zabolevaniiakh," Doc.
(63) OGPU stood for Ob''edinennoe gosudarstvennoe politicheskoe upravlenie pri SNK SSSR, or the 'Joint State Political Directorate' in English.
(21) The proceedings at this depot came to the attention of the transport department of the OGPU, which reported on 1 December 1933 that "the depot chief of Pervaia Rechka Egorov and the secretary of the Party organization Bantsevich did not manage operations, but engaged in drinking bouts, lining their own pockets and displayed a self-seeking attitude toward the workers." (22) The depot bosses were dismissed because of their "inertia and lack of sensitivity, and at times even direct sabotage" and sent to court.
Back in March 1930 Grigory Besedovsky, a Soviet detector, named Navashin as a secret agent of the OGPU who regularly wrote reports to the NKVD station in Paris.
Stalin's 1930 exhortation to "strike the kulak" (the "rich peasant grain-hoarder") became OGPU chief Iagoda's directive to his security police functionaries "The kulak must be destroyed as a class." In the ensuing years close to two million men women and children were deported from productive southern lands to frozen wastes in the north the Artic and Siberia where climate lack of basic necessities and labor demands--mainly timber extraction--killed huge numbers of them.
The secret police, then called the Ob'edinennoe Gosudarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravlenie (OGPU, Joint State Political Directorate), had arrested, investigated, and sentenced them as enemies.
(5) Particularly telling in relation to The Magician's Nephew is a remark dropped by Lewis into his 1952 lecture, "On Three Ways of Writing for Children." Here, defending the violent aspect of fairy tales (and, by implication, the warlike dimension of his own stories for children), Lewis wrote: "There is something ludicrous in the idea of [the censorship of violence in] so educating a generation which is born to the Ogpu [the Stalinist ancestor of the KGB] and the atomic bomb" (39; emphasis added).
It eventually evolved into the GPU, OGPU, NKVD and, finally, the KGB.
Her extensive engagement with Iurii Druzhnikov, author of the major earlier work on Pavlik Morozov, best known in English as Informer 001, is respectful, acknowledging his research contribution, while at the same time situating his conclusions as an inversion of the older, official myth: if, in the Soviet version, Pavlik and his brother were murdered as a result of a kulak conspiracy, then in Druzhnikov's account Pavlik was murdered by the OGPU opportunists, generating a kind of counter-conspiracy and counter-mythmaking.
After some unpleasant encounters with the OGPU (the forerunner of the KGB), Greshner returned to Australia in 1934, never to leave it again.