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OGREObject Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
OGREOracle Grok Interface
OGREOracle'S Giant Relational Engine
OGREObject-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
OGREOttawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts (Ottawa, Canada)
OGREOil and Gas Reserves Evaluation (est. 1978)
OGREOpen Gestures Recognition Engine (computer science)
OGREOrganization of Generally Rotten Enterprises/Endeavors (Drak Pack)
OGREOculomotor Geometry Reasoning Engine (vision and working memory)
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Grendel indeed was slain, but his mother, an ogre almost as fierce as he, was ready to avenge him.
Not that they knew, by name or nature, anything about an Ogre Fact forbid!
He knew with half his mind that he was drawing near to the castle of an ogre--he had forgotten that he was the ogre. He remembered asking his mother if bears lived in the old park at home.
'Georgiana, Mr Grompus,' and the Ogre clutched his victim and bore her off to his castle in the top couple.
And herein the unconsciousness of the Ogre Grompus was pleasantly conspicuous; for, that complacent monster, believing that he was giving Miss Podsnap a treat, prolonged to the utmost stretch of possibility a peripatetic account of an archery meeting; while his victim, heading the procession of sixteen as it slowly circled about, like a revolving funeral, never raised her eyes except once to steal a glance at Mrs Lammle, expressive of intense despair.
For me no terrors resided in the thought of bugaboos and wicked ogres. The fall through leafy branches and the dizzy heights; the snakes that struck at me as I dodged and leaped away in chattering flight; the wild dogs that hunted me across the open spaces to the timber--these were terrors concrete and actual, happenings and not imaginings, things of the living flesh and of sweat and blood.
Night and the Noseless One were ogres that beset the way of light and life.
And that was a day of romance; If those robber-barons were somewhat grim and drunken ogres, they had a certain grandeur of the wild beast in them,--they were forest boars with tusks, tearing and rending, not the ordinary domestic grunter; they represented the demon forces forever in collision with beauty, virtue, and the gentle uses of life; they made a fine contrast in the picture with the wandering minstrel, the soft-lipped princess, the pious recluse, and the timid Israelite.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, May 2001: Levine contributes to our literature with modern fairy tales--ones that still have ogres, fairies, dragons, magical swords, boots, cloths, and so forth.
(For an outline of the debate, see "Rewriting the Code," July 1995.) And just as the squabbling between the knights allowed the ogre to escape, any disunity among the tax reformers will strengthen the ability of special interest groups to defend.the status quo.
At present, investigators are probing two road traffic accidents in connection with the pursuit one in Riga and one in Ogre.