OGVOgg Video (file extension)
OGVOfficial Government Vehicle
OGVOcean Going Vessel (shipping)
OGVOutlet Guide Vane (gas turbines)
OGVOocyte with Germinal Vesicle (histology)
OGVOrdinary Goods Vehicle (classification scheme; UK)
OGVOld Gaming Veterans
OGVOther Goods Vehicle (UK)
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The hydraulic performances of axial-flow pump with seven different OGV setting angles were predicted.
The flow patterns in the OGV channel at low flow rate condition ([K.
398), the vortices appeared in the OGV suction surface from the 1/4 length of inlet edge, the backflow is in the inlet edge of blade, but the flow pattern of trailing edge is good for OGV.
521), the vortices appeared in the OGV suction surface from the 1/2 length of inlet edge, and the hydraulic loss of OGV accounts for 8.
The change in OGV was determined as the difference in average OGV between early embryonic stage samples and hatched larval samples.
OGV declined by 51% from early-stage embryos to hatched larvae.
In our study, OGV was highly correlated with lipid content.
Given the importance of lipid as an energy source for developing quillback rockfish embryos, the strong correlation of OGV with total lipid we found suggests that OGV may serve as an indicator of energetic status.
This option considered the delivery of iron ore concentrate by river barge directly to the OGV vessel for transhipment.
A separate fleet of deeper draft sea-going barges will make use of the deeper river channels from Warri via the Chanomi Creek to the Escravos River mouth, and a further 18 NM to the transhipment site to load the OGV.
The potential location for a transhipment operation (at 5deg 23' N, 5deg 03' E) considers a maximum OGV design representing the 95% coverage rate for a Capesize vessel with a parcel size of 185,000t.
The FSU is a retro-fitted Capesize vessel equipped to offload iron ore from river barges to storage in the hold and then tranship to OGVs, which moor alongside.