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As Vision 2030 demands the de- velopment of a more stable energy sector with localization of the tech- nology, APEC is close to achieving this through the process of trans- ferring power electronics technol- ogy to the Kingdom.
millennials, ng in ity, de omers n ogy." millennia migratin Midl op i ci the outsid "Technology is truly revolutionising the way we work Gavin Opperman, Group Banking Business Director at Yorkshire Bank 61% think technology is a key driver of growth for their business 60% of SMEs claim technology has helped them to expand internationally say technology is more important to their business
Samsung's AR9500M sets itself apart by producing no direct air drafts, keeping the room temperature com- fortable thanks to Wind-Free technol- ogy. This unique technology gently spreads cool air through 21,000 micro air holes and creates 'still air' moving at speeds slower than 0.15m/s.
Technol- ogy hubs are driving innovation across the continent.
"Yes we have an economic situation but the organisations that are focussed on digital transformation are actually taking advantage of the situation and how they can use the current situation and the technology and their investment in people to create new business oppor- tunities," says Asif Javed, Accenture Technology managing director, technol- ogy, Middle East.
For x-ray systems, products with multiple density variations have always been a chal- lenge when detecting contaminants as the image that is displayed by traditional technol- ogy appears indecipherable for the operators.
This refers to gas that requires higher than industry-standard levels of technol- ogy or investment to extract.
This new technol ogy substantially increases light sensitivity and effectively con trols the absorption of electrons, resulting in higher color fidelity even in poor lighting conditions.
Ethics approval for this research has been given through the Eastern Institute of Technol ogy ethics committee.
Knowledge of the morphology and variation of the root canals is required to achieve a successful endodon- tic treatment.1 Primary and permanent teeth are dif- ferent in size and external and internal root morphol- ogy. However, fewer abnormalities of size and mor- phology occur in the primary dentition compared to permanent teeth.2
Because the greatest ideol ogy from all is the fight for power and everything the power brings as a benefit, Dauti writes.
With experiences from electronics equipment technology and automation system installation, LSIS provides the most advanced control equipment and technol- ogy. As a leader of automation equipment field in Korea, LSIS manufactures and sup- plies core equipment and system of industrial automation such as Programmable con- troller (PLC) and AC drives (Inverters) and HMI (PMU) according to the international specification to globalize industrial automation equipment and system.