OH-58Observation Helicopter Model 58 (Army)
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This installation of a Cloud Cap Technology TASE400HD payload on the OH-58 helicopter operated by the HCSO will enable officers to better identify threats in busy areas by combining high definition day and night (thermal) imagery with automatic tracking of moving targets, for greater situational awareness.
The divestment of the Kiowra Warrior fleet would be a blow to Bell Helicopter, which has already begun upgrading OH-58 cockpits and sensors.
OH-58 and OH-6 faced a similar problem: "Those were not armed, and in Vietnam they ran around trying to draw fire to find where the targets were.
9: A OH-58 Kiowa crashed in Falluja and its pilot managed to survive.
The state is left with an older loaner Blackhawk from Idaho, five CH 47 cargo helicopters, and four OH-58 Kiowa helicopters, Braibish said.
It said the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter went down because of an accident and that there was no enemy fire in the area.
DRS will provide support for mast-mounted sights on the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter.
The new aircraft are intended to replace aging OH-58 choppers currently used for reconnaissance,.
The OH-58 Kiowa helicopter came down south of Kirkuk.
The Bell OH-58 came to rest on its side in a field just off a dirt road, behind a cluster of farm buildings.
Franzen said an American OH-58 two-seat reconnaissance helicopter suffered 'mechanical difficulties' but was unaware if it had come under enemy attack.
This system will provide improved accuracy over the current Hydra-70 munitions used on the AH-64 Apache, the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior, as well as various other rotary and fixed-wing aircraft platforms.