OHAPOffice of HIV/AIDS Policy
OHAPOrganization of Health Artists of the Philippines
OHAPOhio Assembly Plant
OHAPOriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme (Thailand)
OHAPOccupational Health Assurance Program (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
OHAPOregon Health Access Project (Oregon Health Action Campaign)
OHAPOpen Handset Alliance Project (mobile communication)
OHAPOrganic Hazardous Air Pollutant (chemical regulation; various nations)
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To support zone operations to achieve and maintain OHAP standards, POHO delivers staff training and education, develops implementation resources, and provides ongoing consultation to zones.
AHS Zones follow the OHAP standard for reporting on the FV intervention.
These annual statistics reveal that the rate of first FV applications is below the population objective of 10%-20% as outlined in OHAP. As anticipated, there is a demonstrated decline in the subsequent rates of the second, third and fourth FV applications.
These annual statistics reveal that the rate of first FV applications for school-age children is within the population objective of 10%-20% outlined in OHAP. The rate of second FV applications is also within the population objective of 80%-100%.
Hydroxyapatite (OHAp), [Ca.sub.10][([PO.sub.4]).sub.6][(OH).sub.2], is used as a model for inorganic component of bones and teeth.
Thus, the hexagonal OHAp is probably never strictly stoichiometric.
Stoichiometric OHAp has been described as monoclinic, space group P[2.sub.1]/b having cell parameters a = 9.4214(8) [Angstrom], b = 2a, c = 6.8814(7) [Angstrom], [gamma] = 120[degrees], with twice as many formula units per unit cell as in the hexagonal unit (3).
The positions of the two sets of the two sets of [Ca.sup.2+] ions and the [PO.sub.4.sup.3-] ions are nearly identical to those of OHAp. However, the [F.sup.-] ions occupy the center of the Ca2 triangles (6h positions), on the mirror planes at z = 1/4 and 3/4.
OHAP has been meeting for two years to seek out the "Holy Grail" of health care systems -- one that would virtually eliminate the problems of the uninsured for patients and providers.
Managed care remains the foundation for health care delivery in OHAP's plan, despite the fact that many think it's no longer effective for containing medical costs.
"The OHP's coverage is better than 90% of other care available," says John Ulwelling, whose Foundation for Medical Excellence has taken OHAP under its wing.
All the change OHAP is proposing will be hard to pull off.