OHCSOregon Housing and Community Services
OHCSOffice of the Head of Civil Service (various locations)
OHCSOxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties
OHCSOak Harbor Christian School (Oak Harbor, WA)
OHCSOffice of Housing Coordination Services (Illinois)
OHCSOuter House Court of Session (UK)
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LaminB1 was expressed in the nucleus of the SGCs, hair cells (including OHCs and IHCs), Kolliker's organ, Reissner's membrane, and STV (including spiral ligament and spiral limbus) (Figure 1).
Measurement of contralateral inhibition extends the use of OAEs beyond the assessment of the function of OHCs alone.
The study concludes that the use of mobile phones can cause damage to the Outer Hair Cells (OHCs) in the cochlea especially in the basal turn.
The mice received 8.47 mmol/kg/day of benzene, a dose chosen based on toluene studies, which showed loss of OHCs without loss of body weight.
Besides Na, K, and leakage current densities, [I.sub.0] represents here the background level of stimulation coming from the OHCs. This current density determines the firing rate of the neuron, i.e., the operating point on the IHC transfer function.
Nonlinear Capacitance (NLC) Measurement of OHCs. The NLC recording of isolated OHCs was performed as described in our recent study [19].
In healthy subjects, acetylcholine (ACh), the primary neurotransmitter of the efferent auditory system, has been found to enhance the electromotility of outer hair cells (OHC) binding to acetylcholine receptors (AChRs), which are localized on the postsynaptic membrane of OHC [113].
KEYWORDS: Online Health Communities(OHCs), Sentiment Analysis, Naive Bayes, Tokenization, Probability Theory, Disease Classification.
The OHCS also took into account the sustainable development goals, especially when it came to maternal, neonatal and infant mortality.
Subsequently, the basal membrane was taken under a dissecting microscope, isolated from the whole cochlea, and sealed with glycerin, under an optical microscope to observe the morphology of OHCs and any injury.