OHDEOffice of Health Disparity Elimination (Mississippi)
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The sex ratio of Anatidae varies depending on competition between sexes and female-biased mortality rate (Ohde et al., 1983; Jorde et al., 1984; Owen and Dix, 1986; Sun et al., 2011), maturity or reproductive age (Humburg, 2015), habitat type (Owen and Dix, 1986), weather conditions (Jorde et al., 1984) and human hunting (Guillemain et al., 2013; Christensen and Fox, 2014).
This research has led to psycholinguistic explanations of stuttering which suggest that stuttering starts during speech planning, before oral production (Anderson & Conture, 2000; Melnick, Conture, & Ohde, 2003).
minutus found in the Daito Islands (i.e., Minami-daito and Kita-daito), which are thought to have migrated to their current location via plate tectonics and be considerably older (i.e., ~50 MYA; Kawana and Ohde, 1993; Ohde, 2007) than the islands in the Southern Ryukyus (i.e., ~10 MYA; see Introduction).
Ello es debido a que, en general, las aguas que se extienden sobre la plataforma continental son mas ricas en fauna gracias a una mayor disponibilidad de nutrientes, provenientes del arrastre hidrico desde el continente o de fenomenos de surgencia (Hidalgo, Escribano, Fuentes, Jorquera & Vergara, 2012; Hidalgo, Escribano, Fuentes, Jorquera, Donoso & Mendoza, 2010; Ohde & Siegel, 2010).
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Ohde, "Some special fibers for distributed sensing of uv light, electric field or strain, " in Distributed and Multiplexed Fiber Optic Sensors III, vol.
The second is the change in the local refractive index between the open-air environment in which the sensor was calibrated and the underwater environment where it is employed (Ohde & Siegel, 2003).
We thank Dale Garner, Bill Ohde, Guy Zenner, and other employees of the Iowa DNR for their assistance; the duck hunters who participated in this project; Sharon Setterquist, Mark Lebeck, Kelly Lesher, and Mohammad Ghazi for their technical assistance; and all volunteers who assisted with blood collecting.
Mullen, Linda Murken, Kellie Naylor, Valerie Nehl, Rene O'Donnell-Hanlon, Jose Ochoa, Mark Ohde, Enrique Orrante, Kelly Overton, Linda Owen, Jeffrey Page, Paula Parker, Sherryl K.
Speakers include Jeff Gahris of the Sierra Club and Illinois Solar Energy Association; Harry Ohde, a labor advocate with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Tim Banas with the Citizens Climate Lobby; and Steve Jones and ACE Naperville member Pete Fales.
Substantiation: In Ohde, (17) the Tax Court reduced a married couple's claimed noncash deduction for 20,000 items given to Goodwill Industries valued at a total of $145,250 to $250.