OHDENOccupational Health Disaster Expert Network
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24, 1977, for five consecutive days, medics in a hospital in Iowa tried to kill Melissa Ohden.
The culmination of the story for 40-year-old Ohden, a writer and motivational speaker, occurred when she finally met her mother in 2016.
Author Melissa Ohden openly denounces the ills of legal abortion--including that women can be pressured (whether by family members or financial difficulties) into having an unwanted abortion, and that the mother and the father of an aborted child may experience a lifetime of regret.
OHDEN is knitting together a network of individuals who can speedily alert and educate themselves before and at the hour of disaster.
Preceding Sarah Zagorski, Dan Compton, and Melissa Ohden, was a video that just gripped my heart, and I'm guessing everyone else's.
Smith, abortion survivor Melissa Ohden, and Sarah Zagorski.
Abortion survivors such as Melissa Ohden are speaking out about being targeted for abortion when they were preborn babies.
Caption: Melissa Ohden (right) and Lisa Andrusko, NRLC Yearbook Editor, at the 2013 National Right to Life Convention.
This ran August 29 on the blog of Melissa Ohden. Melissa is the survivor of a "failed" saline abortion in 1977.
Melissa Ohden is the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion.
Many, if not most, pro-lifers know the name Melissa Ohden. In addition to everything else she's accomplished, Melissa has graciously written stories for NRL News Today and NRL News and has been a regular at National Right to Life's annual conventions.