OHDSOakland Hebrew Day School (Oakland, CA)
OHDSOptimal Heating Distribution System (glass)
OHDSOrthostatic Hypotensive Disorder of Streeten
OHDSOregon Historic District Society (est. 1973)
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This research paper focuses on the effects of ferulic acid alone and in combination with oral hypoglycemic drugs (OHDs) on the blood glucose level, lipid profile, markers of liver and kidney function and islets of pancreas on streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic rats.
Two different amounts of ferulic acid in combination with OHDs, namely THZ and metformin, were also tested on the diabetic rats.
The changes in the blood glucose levels before and after receiving the treatment of ferulic acid alone and in combination with the two OHDs (THZ and metformin) in normal and diabetic rats are shown in Table 2.
Ferulic acid in combination with both OHDs reduces the blood glucose to normal level.
Addition of 10 mg/kg BW of ferulic acid can reduce the use of THZ or metformin and at the same time reduce the blood glucose levels to values less than those observed with OHDs when used alone (reduction in THZ dose from 10 mg/kg to 2.5 mg/kg BW and metformin close from 50 mg/kg to 12.5 mg/kg BW: and reduction in blood glucose level from 127-139 to 112-114 mg/d1).
These results indicate that ferulic acid acts in synergy with these two OHDs in bringing down the blood glucose levels and in addition the amount of OHDs could be reduced considerably but still achieve significant reduction in blood glucose levels in diabetic rats.
QikProp [R] (Schrodinger, Portland, USA) was used for calculating the ADME and drug likeness properties of the three phytochemicals and the two OHDs used in the current study.
It is observed that the all the OHDs and phytochemicals reduce the TG level considerably in the cells.
All the phytochemicals and OHDs increase the 2DG uptake in a dose dependent manner (after 3h of incubation) (Supporting information Fig.
Eugenol, arecoline and vanillic acid increase the expression of PPAR gamma transcript by 1.27-, 1.2- and 1.15-fold, respectively, whereas OHDs,THZ and metformin, increase its expression by 2.73- and 1.89-fold, respectively with respect to the control.
The concentrations of phyto-chemicals and commercial OHDs chosen here are well below their cytotoxic level for the cells.
Both the OHDs and the phytochemicals tested significantly reduce the triglyceride concentration in the L6 myotubes.