OHFOOpry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma
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ACRONIMI ACBT Active Cycle of Breathing Technique ACT Airway Clearance Technique AD Autogenic Drainage BPCO Broncopneumopatia Cronica Ostruttiva CPT Chest Physical Therapy DP Drenaggio Posturale EPP Equal Pressure Point ELTGOL Expiration Lente Totale Glotte Ouverte en infraLateral FET Forced Expiration Technique HFCWO High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator IPPV Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation IPV Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation OHFO Oral High Frequency Oscillator PEP Positive Expiratory Pressure NIV Non Invasive Ventilation TPGLF Two-Phase Gas Liquid Flow
1) 2) C) 2) OHFO + FET + Tosse C) Nessun trattamento 24 43 di cui 1) Respirazione diaframmatica + 20 tratt.