OHFVOmsk hemorrhagic fever virus
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Hasta la fecha no existe una vacuna disponible para OHFV pero algunos autores sugieren que la vacuna para TBEV tiene reactividad cruzada contra OFHV (24).
In a first step, it was shown that, within the group of viruses encompassing LIV, TBEVNEU, TBEVSOF, OHFV, LGTV, KFDV, and POWV, rates of nonsynonymous substitutions in colinearized E-NS3-NS5 sequences are a linear function of rates of nonsynonymous substitutions in complete E gene sequences ([R.sup.2] = 0.995).
Our sequencing data showed that the genome of hemorrhagic TBEV variants differs from already known Siberian TBEV and OHFV strains.