OHGAOral Hypoglycemic Agent
OHGAOrganic Herb Growers Association (Australia)
OHGAOrganic Herb Growers Australia (certifying body)
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Working with Sony Pressman, a portable, monaural tape recorder, Ohga was able to design the Walkman to enable Ibuka enjoy his choice of music on his trips.
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Marrying the cultures of Sony Corp., a quintessentially Japanese company, and its Hollywood studio was such a challenge that company founder Akio Morita and his successor as chairman, Norio Ohga, never really tried, analysts say.
Japanese point guard Ohga Yuko will replace retired South Korean Jung Sunmin.
It would be better if they could pump clean water before it reaches the plant," said Kotaro Ohga, research fellow at Hokkaido University and groundwater expert.
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Attractive things work better." (10) The Chief of Design at BMW, Chris Bangle, says "We don't make automobiles." BMW makes "moving works of art that express the driver's love of quality." (7) Finally, Norio Ohga, former Sony Chairman and CEO, has been quoted as saying, "Design is the only thing that differentiates one product from another in the marketplace." (7)