OHGSOld Haileyburian Golf Society (UK)
OHGSOldham Hulme Grammar School (UK)
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The legs of the OHG have been subjected to forming strains during manufacture, so it was expected to get higher strength material from the samples taken from the legs.
In the test, the OHG has been pre-loaded up to 10kN to check that all the instrumentation was working.
The FE simulation has omitted this time; the loading curve was reversed straight after the max load had been reached and slowly downloaded to complete the release of the load on the OHG.
This way the deformations and strains from all ten drops were accounted for when looking at the final deformation of the OHG.
For the static test only, a frame has been fixed around the OHG. Seven wire transducers were then attached to this frame and the OHG to measure the continuous displacements of the OHG's roof.
For example WT03 and FE node ID 11040 (Figure 4) had the same location on the OHG in test and FE model, respectively.
The OHG is a flexible structure allowing these two free ends to have larger discrepancy between test and FE than any other points.
The FaroArm is a portable coordinate measuring arm fixed to the floor next to the OHG (Figure 6).
A further 26 points were positioned on the OHG as shown in Figure 7.