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The ministers suggest that the revision include the definition of a framework for cooperation between the OHIM and the national offices, and emphasise that the harmonisation of practices and tools is an aim that all national trade mark offices should pursue.
The EU court found first that the OHIM was right to consider that the product in question belonged, within the broad category of promotional items for games, to the particular category of game pieces known as pogs', rappers' or tazos' and that the designer's freedom was severely restricted by the fact that it had to incorporate the common features of rappers in its design and that the items had to be inexpensive and safe for children.
MEGA Brands and the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) maintain that such registration must be turned down due to the essential characteristics of the shape of the brick, which because of their functionality, must remain available to any toy manufacturer.
In 2003, the OHIM allowed Giampietro Torresan to register cannabis' as a Community trademark for beers, wines and spirits.
- Judgement in joined Cases T-200/07, T-201/07,T-202/07, T-64/07, T-65/07, T-66/07 and T-298/06 Agencja Wydawnicza Technopol v OHIM. These judgements concern actions by Agencja Wydawnicza 'Technopol' Sp.
The General Court said in a statement dismissed the Republic of Cyprus appeals and adopted the initial decisions by OHIM.
Henderson was credited with the only goal after Jordi Amat's attempted clearance ballooned ohim and into the net, and the result moves Liverpool to within two points of United, who visit An eld on Sunday.
This new approach, one of several changes resulting from the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) Convergence Programme, should inform both filing and enforcement strategies.