OHIPOntario Health Insurance Plan
OHIPOral Health Impact Profile (dentistry)
OHIPOffice of Health Insurance Programs (New York State Department of Health)
OHIPOffice of Health and Industry Programs (US FDA)
OHIPOccupational Health Internship Program (AOEC)
OHIPOwnership Has Its Privileges
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A study21 found OHIP domains most significantly affected were physical pain, psychological discomfort, and physical disability within 1 week after the fixation of the appliances.
(42) Increasing program expenses were a result of changes made to Ontario's health insurance plan (ohip), which denied coverage to temporary residents (Steve Sansom, "Refugee Claimants, ohip Eligibility, and Equality," Journal of Law and Social Policy 12, no.
OHIP scores before and after therapy protocol in study ('laser on') group and control ('laser off') group Mean SD p OHIP before and after 2.727 8.631 0.153 in 'laser on' group OHIP before and after 1.273 5.642 0.302 in 'laser off' group OHIP = Oral Health Impact Profile questionnaire; SD = standard deviation; p = statistical significance set at 0.05 Table 2.
Telemedicine care via the OTN was identified by physician OHIP billing codes, which are specific to telemedicine appointments.
The Ontario Health Insurance Plan Database (OHIP) contains records of billing claims submitted by physicians, which include a descriptor of the service provided, the date of the service, and the unique identifier of the physician who provided the service.
With xerostomia OHIP domains Mean Standard deviation Mean Dom.1 Functional limitation 2.03 1.59 0.97 Dom.2 Physical pain 3.43 2.01 2.3 Dom.3 Psychological discomfort 4.15 2.12 3.28 Dom.4 Physical incapacity 2.51 2.09 1.42 Dom.5 Psychological incapacity 3.80 2.18 2.33 Dom.6 Social incapacity 2.13 2.06 1.26 Dom.7 Social disadvantage 2 2.27 1.15 Total OHIP 20.05 14.32 12.71 Without xerostomia OHIP domains Standard deviation p-value Dom.1 1.4 < 0.001 Dom.2 1.87 < 0.001 Dom.3 2.07 < 0.004 Dom.4 1.87 < 0.001 Dom.5 2.16 < 0.001 Dom.6 1.84 < 0.001 Dom.7 1.78 < 0.001 Total OHIP 12.99 -
The original version of the OHIP included 49 items [39] loading onto seven subscales.
I should add that this service was not covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), but I was willing to pay the extra thousand bucks--a small sacrifice to keep my facial nerve intact.
Maternal characteristics reviewed included age; country of origin; number of prenatal visits; receipt of intrapartum AZT; partner involvement; substance use; smoking status; stability of housing; Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage; social work involvement; CPS involvement with previous children; sex work; employment status; and education level.
The Holter monitoring module, in particular, has attracted a great deal of interest from Physicians and in most cases, these tests will be eligible OHIP reimbursement.
Administrative health data come from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) claims database, which provides measures of the number of actual physician visits and the dollar value of physician services received.