OHMIOffice de l'Harmonisation dans le Marché Intérieur (French: judical council in the European Union mainly dedicated to patents)
OHMIOakland Homeschool Music, Inc. (Springfield Township, MI)
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During the Late Hauterivian, the relative sea-level remained low except in the middle part of the Pseudothumannia ohmi Zone, and it is thus the only ammonoid record that exists in the Upper Hauterivian of the Maestrat Basin.
The original motivation for studying such problems comes from the plasma Ohmi cheating process.
(47.) Hara T, Takahashi M, Gondo T, Nagao K, Ohmi C, Sakano S, et al.
(13) For example, the Mitsui family enterprise, noted as one of the great merchants in the Edo era, kept as one of its house rules: "greed causes a feud"; (14) the Sumitomo family, another long-standing business enterprise, kept house rules such as "do not profit yourself in your task", "do not behave in such a way to shame our fame and trust", and "maintain your sense of honor and avoid greed and corruption"; (15) and the Ohmi Shonin (the collective of merchants from the Ohmi, now the Shiga Prefecture area) has had a long-standing motto of its business: sampoyoshi (good for three sides), (16) meaning its business must be good for (1) the company, (2) the customer, and (3) society--this is what Hama coined the "trinity of bliss".
Magdeburg-based company OHMI Analytic GmbH is the project partner in the development of peptides for salad greens.
"This is a step forward for Astellas as it looks like OSI caved in to the pressure and changed its stance to consider a potential sale," said Mitsuo Ohmi, a Tokyo-based healthcare analyst at Japan Advisory LLC.
(9.) Suzuki A, Okamoto M, Ohmi A, Watanabe O, Miyabayashi S, Nishimura H.
This work collects papers from the 2007 and 2008 International Conference for Renewable Resources and Plant Biotechnology (sponsored by Germany's OHMI Consulting GmbH and Poland's Institute of Natural Fibers), describing research and issues connected with renewable plant resources used for non-food applications in areas such as fibers, pulp and paper, energy, and agro-fine chemicals (essential oils and phyto- hormones from oilseed used in nutritional supplements and medical products).
After graduating from high school, Okuda was hired in the design department of Ohmi Chemical Industry Co.
The first and second runner ups, Taeko Ohmi and Bushra Khatib respectively, were also praised by the judging panel, which comprised Bansri Gagwani, from Swarovski Middle East, Ahmed Al Reyaysa, from Dar Sara Fashion, Adel Abu Haleeqa, from Abu Haleeqa Stores, Virginie Dolz, from Space & Flower, and Rana Zakka, from the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club.
Morinaga and his Tohoku colleagues Kenji Shimaoka and Tadhiro Ohmi report on light-induced silicon roughness, including surface pits, in the July Journal of the Electrochemical Society.
Locality: Miyabana seashore, Ohmi Town, Itoigawa-Ohmi district, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.