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Equations (20)-(24), (28), and (29) are the new double sliding mode observer, and the estimation results of the observer are SOC, internal ohmic resistance, and terminal voltage of all the RC parallel branches.
This situation also is attributed that the porous and black nickel formation on cathode yielded the increase of the ohmic resistivity of cathode surface (Fig.9.a-b-c).
The main advantages of ohmic processing are the rapid and relatively uniform heating achieved [5].
When a high free open ratio and long total perimeter opening length were used, the significant cell impedance dropped at 0.4 V (i.e., the ohmic impedance was obviously reduced), and the cell impedance showed a drop at 0.5 V (i.e., the activation impedance was reduced, but not as much as the change at 0.4 V).
After optimizing the ohmic contact electrode, the exposed ZnO layer surface was etched by the dilute HCl solution (referred as the preetching process hereafter) for 20 and 40 sec, respectively, to effectively remove the defects induced from the ion-bombardment damages during the cosputtered film deposition.
A zero ohmic resistance on the inner CSRR is used to perform a switch, which on/off states complete tunability between two predicted frequencies.
where [P.sub.rad] is the radiated power and [P.sub.ohm] the power dissipated in the antenna, due to ohmic losses.
Lacey, "Thermal runaway in a non-local problem modelling Ohmic heating.
The addition of the [TiO.sub.2] has the effect of increasing the ohmic conduction which is reflected in an increase in the space charge contribution (Table 5).
Electrodes on the back of these power devices have two purposes: To make ohmic contact with Si substrates and to provide solder joints with heat sink substrates.
In a study published in the current issue ofScience, they say they've achieved ohmic scaling to the atomic limit-which is to say they've managed to get electrical wires just a few atoms in width to work the way they're supposed to.