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OHMSOnline Health Management System
OHMSOffice of Hazardous Materials Safety
OHMSOccupational Healthcare Management Services
OHMSOn His/Her Majesty's Service
OHMSOldfields Hall Middle School (UK)
OHMSOak Hill Middle School (various locations)
OHMSOn Hold Marketing Systems (Jeff McNeal Productions; San Diego, CA)
OHMSOlentangy Hyatts Middle School (Powell, OH)
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The Ohms produced a darkened piano sound with no clear image size.
Canteloube/Chants d'Auvergne/Auger (Virgin 90714) The first pair of Ohms had sounded veiled and darkened on this recording.
In their favor, the Ohms avoided the sense of compression at the FFF, but the tympani were missing and the sforzando lacked the authority of bass impact.
First to try an OHM was Dragon Bruce Croxon, an avid cyclist with a typical pre-ride attitude: "I'm a real cyclist - that's an electric bike, so I can't get any exercise on that." DeVisser explained how OHM electric bikes are pedal-assisted instead of completely motorized, so that riders always get exercise from pedalling, but can use the bike's 4 different levels of assistance to choose how hard they want to work.
"Our customers have told us that they have literally felt like a superhero the first time they tried one of our bikes, so a test ride really gets across what is possible on an OHM bike," says DeVisser.
If you snipped off a three-foot length and touched one lead of the ohm meter to the center conductor and the other lead to the adjacent shield, what would the ohm meter read?
The 50 [ohm] refers to the impedance of the line, but if an ohm meter isn't going to read 50 [ohm], what impedance is this referring to?