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OHMSETTOil and Hazardous Materials Simulated Environmental Test Tank (Department of Interior Minerals Management Service; Leonardo, NJ)
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Smith and Diaz burned oil on the water surface confined by ice blocks (simulating broken ice formations) in the EPA OHMSETT tank facility in Leonardo, NJ.
Diaz, In-place burning of crude oil in broken ice, 1985 testing at OHMSETT, in Eight Annual Arctic Marine Oilspill Program Technical Seminar, Proceedings, June 18-20, 1985, Edmonton, Alberta, Environment Canada, Ottawa, Canada K1A 1C8 (1985).
With the successes already attained with sales, licensing agreements and endorsements from world-class organizations like CN Rail, Ultramar, Schlumberger and Ohmsett, Management is confident that revenues would from now on be on an upward trend.