OHPPOffice of Health Policy and Planning (Maryland)
OHPPOak Hill Platinum Partners (Rye Brook, NY)
OHPPOverall Haemostatic Potential in Plasma
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Provision of engineering services for technical supervision of the construction of the facility: modernization of the technical building of the grodno ohpp with the improvement of the adjacent territory at the address: grodno, maksim gorky str.
FRESH program timeline and implementation outcomes Year Graduate student project 2010 Situational assessment and peer nutrition education program plan (using OHPP *) 2011 Evaluation plan to assess food and nutrition environment of university campus (using OHPP) 2012 Business case and implementation plan (using newly developed components of OHPP) 2013 Three add-on components to FRESH program were created (each including a situational assessment and program plan) Year Immediate outcomes 2010 * Initiated partnership with food service personnel.