OHQOperational Headquarters (Malaysia)
OHQOverseas Headquarters
OHQOutdoor Health Questionnaire (UK)
OHQOn-Hand Quantity
OHQOral Health Questionnaire
OHQOccupational Health Questionnaire
OHQOne Hitta Quitta (to be knocked out in one hit)
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A significant difference between the SHALOM and SWBS scores was seen between "happy/not happy" using the OHQ and "fair/poor health" using the GHQ-12 (table 3).
In summary, the OHQ or its shorter version can be used as a standalone measure of happiness.
En primer lugar, para valorar la linea base en ambas condiciones antes de comenzar la intervencion, se realizo un analisis multivariante con las puntuaciones obtenidas en los instrumentos administrados (EQ-i:YV, OHQ, BFQ-NA, PHQ15), en experimentales y control en la fase pretest.
The first is to create a permanent OHQ. This is to give the EU a greater capacity for the command and control of military missions.
Based on the responses to both the OHQ, F(2, 322) = 10.3, p < .001, and the SHS, F(2, 322) = 34.5, p < .001, integrated Sabbath keepers had the highest well-being scores, followed by identified Sabbath keepers, and then introjected Sabbath keepers.
The dependent variable was level of Happiness derived from the OHQ scores and the predictor variables were the six Life Domains which included; Academic Success, Familial Support, Living Environment, Self-image, and Social Relations derived from the MSLSS and the sixth variable was the Financial Security score.
This EU BG's operational six-month stand-by lasted for the second half of 2009 and their OHQ was situated in Potsdam, Germany.
In Spain, a line of research focused on Hardiness at the workplace has been conducted for some years, with several investigations and publications (Garrosa, Moreno-Jimenez, Rodriguez-Munoz, & Rodriguez-Carvajal, 2011; Garrosa, Rainho, Moreno-Jimenez, & Monteiro, 2009; Ladsttater, Garrosa, Badea, & Moreno-Jimenez, 2010; Moreno-Jimenez, Morett Natera, Rodriguez-Munoz, & Morante Benadero, 2006; Moreno-Jimenez, Garrosa-Hernandez, Gonzalez-Gutierrez, 2000; Moreno-Jimenez, Garrosa, Corso, Boada, & Rodriguez-Carvajal, 2012; Penacoba & Moreno-Jimenez, 1998; Penacoba & Moreno-Jimenez, 2000), from which the OHQ was developed.
Maha Chemicals is collaborating with SIMTech in setting up its Supply Chain Operational Headquarters (OHQ) capability.
a) CIS with fixed infrastructure, consisting of the federalisation of the following components: IOLAN (Intranet Office Local Area Network unclassified), SOLAN (Secure Office Local Area Network--classified), EU OPS WAN (EU Operation Wide Area Network), ESDP-NET (European Security and Defence Policy Network --formal messaging system for EU security and defense issues), Cortesy (COREU Terminal Equipment-general messaging system between communications centres), INTEL LAN (Intelligence Local Area Network), Extranet R (classified messaging system between EU and Member States), EU-TEL-SEC (EU encrypted telephone system), the OHQ and FHQ LANs in the permanent location.
7 September 2011 - UK gold miner Avocet Mining plc (LON:AVM) has finalised the disposal of Indonesian PT Avocet Mining Services and Malaysian Avocet Mining OHQ Sdn Bhd to a unit of private company J & Partners LP for USD11m (EUR7.8m) on a cash and debt-free basis.
Factor 1: Meaning Factor 2: Hedonism Factor 3: Engagement Table 3 Means, Standard Deviations and Reliability for the Different Measures Cronbach's Scale M Med SD alpha Pleasure 3.47 3.5 .78 [alpha] = .78 Meaning 3.15 3.21 .79 [alpha] = .78 Engagement 3.03 3.16 .71 [alpha] = .75 Life Satisfaction 24.2 25 5.81 [alpha] = .79 Happiness 4.94 4.5 1.04 [alpha] = .73 Table 4 Correlations between Orientation to Happiness Questionnaire (OHQ) Subscales, Life Satisfaction and Happiness 1.