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OHROffice of Human Resources
OHROffice of the High Representative (in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
OHROhio House of Representatives
OHROptimal Hedge Ratio (investing)
OHROak Hills Research (Aurora, CO)
OHROrder Handling Rules (stock trading)
OHROracle Human Resources (software)
OHROld Homes Restored (show)
OHROffice of Health Research
OHROperational Hazard Reports
OHROptical Handwriting Recognition
OHROrchestre d'Harmonie du Rhone
OHROffice for Human Rights (various locations)
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"It was just amazing watching the pros," said Ohr, whose previous best score was a 44.
* The report provides brief overview of Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc.
The Ohr Cup pictured here, though modest in scale and colour, is an early work that prophesises what will become the interpretive modernist qualities that will come to fruition in the mid 20th century ceramics.
"The art and architecture are innovative, serving as a tribute to George Ohr's creative spirit.
The basis risk is the reason to estimate the optimal hedge ratio (OHR).
The migration of nurses in United Kingdom was initially presented as 'a quick fix' to solve the acute nursing shortage, but over time has become an essential and periodic strategy in the overall nurse recruitment policy (Yunxian 2010; Ohr et al 2009).
- implementation of 5+2', allowing the closure of the OHR and transition to the reinforced EUSR
This flexibility has been exemplified by the extension of the powers of the Office of the High Representative (OHR).
Fetner's credentials as a historian I simply intended to identify him to readers of the Oral History Review (OHR) who might be curious, understandably, about knowing who is authoring this book about Allan Nevins.
So reports "Ohr Mesimot," a movement for Jewish settlement in the Negev.
We show that the effect of the tick-size change on NASDAQ spreads depends critically on the Order Handling Rules (OHR).
Headquartered in Skowhegan, Maine, Occupational Health Research (OHR) is a company that works to improve the treatment of injured workers and reduce the cost of their care through the application of information technology.