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In contrast to OHRs and DAPs, however, differences in DPI rates by Sideline appear to subside around the 50-yard line.
Figure 4 shows that TDS values at the sources: TWs, OHRs and HCs were well below the desirable value of 1000 mg/L.
With geographic ratios between 37.5% and 100%, the 7 STs that caused >10 clinical cases were all prevalent in the Toronto OHR. ST1 was widely distributed: South West, Central South, Central East, East, and Toronto OHRs.
In embracing the symbol of the ceramic arts par excellence--the vessel--Cherubini is falling in step with the art pot tradition of the past century, the most famous practitioner of such work being Peter Voulkos and his predecessor, George Ohr and before him, the Brothers Kirkpatrick and moving on forward to today's art pots, most notably to the work of English artist Grayson Perry, whose classical vases are decorated with narratives of his cross-dressing alter ego, Claire.
The first half of the last sentence establishes a decisive and uncompromising hierarchy: 'Im Falle der Collision muss das Ohr dem Verstande und dem Herzen nachstehen.' The art of reading aloud cannot be allowed to become an end in itself, but must remain in the role of a servant, assisting in the campaign to establish an Enlightenment balance.