OHRVOff Highway Recreational Vehicle
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House Bill 498 would prohibit OHRV operation on Class 5 roads and HB 683 would grant rights to property owners abutting certain highways and rail trails, which NHOHVA argues would shut down riding and result in lawsuits.
However, he added, "there are OHRV operators that are taking their wheels off and putting on road wheels because they're on roads so long they're wearing out their expensive road tires because there is so much town road involved in this system.
Holmes is one of 13 residents who have filed a lawsuit against the town of Gorham to require it to enforce its zoning ordinance and remove the OHRV trailhead that is a southern entry point to the extensive trail system.
In addition, flexible posts, which collapse when hit but should not injure OHRV operators, are being placed 100 feet in front of trail gates on certain sections of the Rockingham trail where trail design differs from the usual design.
Measures to improve vehicle safety include safety inspections, headlights that turn on automatically when the OHRV engine is started, and speed governors (i.e., devices to limit maximum speed).
During April-July 2002, three deaths occurred on New Hampshire trails when adolescents driving off-highway recreational vehicles (OHRVs) collided with trail gates.
No operator involved in a fatal incident and 14 (7%) of those involved in a nonfatal incident were reported to have taken an OHRV safety course.
Information from the injury reporting system in New Hampshire may be useful for public health surveillance and assessment of snowmobile and other OHRV injuries (4).
These findings are consistent with previous studies of fatalities associated with the use of OHRVs (1,2).
Bureau of Trails to open the trail through our property to OHRV travel, as we felt that the OHRV community would be our main clientele."
During die 2011 season, revenues from OHRV registrations totaled $5.2 million, with $3.8 million in net revenues dedicated to New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development.
One business that has prospered due to the park is Jericho Motorsports, which sells, services and rents OHRVs, including snowmobiles.