OHSCOriginal Hard Shell Case (used when selling guitars)
OHSCOverhead Stowage Compartment (aircraft)
OHSCOccupational Health Smart Card (UK)
OHSCOut of Hours School Care (childcare; Australia)
OHSCOccupational Health and Safety Commission
OHSCOffice of the Health Services Commissioner (Australia)
OHSCOregon Health Sciences Center (Portland, OR)
OHSCOccupational Health and Safety Consultants, Inc. (est. 1994; Canada)
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While it is generally accepted that there is a difference between public and private healthcare in South Africa (SA), [3] and it is understandable that all inspections undertaken by the OHSC in 2015/2016 (3) [4] were conducted at public establishments, while those at private establishments will be introduced--at higher inspection ratios.
Marshal, who resigned as founding CEO of the OHSC in June last year, only to take up leadership of the pivotal National Health Insurance's district specialist-led outreach program in December, said that many facilities could not provide safe medical care because of staff shortages, while others were overstaffed according to workload.
In the electronics industry, about 57 Filipino women were afflicted by Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in Taiwan (OHSC, 2002 1).
(32) See OHSC, PRIORITIZATION, supra note 25, at 9.
Stuart Whittaker, sits on the board of the OHSC, providing invaluable input and guidance to the current national core standards process that has completed audits of 20% of all public sector hospitals so far.
Numbers 4, "trouble learning, remembering or thinking clearly"; 10, "coughed, wheezed or had trouble breathing"; 18, "prescribed medication or diet for health reasons"; 19, "wear glasses or contact lens"; and 21, "trouble with sexual performance." OHSC Report, C-11.
What emerged was that direct support of the worst-performing facilities by agents of the OHSC improved training, expanded all-round IPC, boosted staff hygiene awareness, improved equipment supplies and led to the incorporation of IPC into the hospital revitalisation programme.
In keeping with their interpretation of the statute, the OHSC initially conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis of over 1,600 health services ranging from appendectomies to treatment of colds and flu.
'Now we just have to agree on a date to thrash it all out with the GPs.' She said consultative processes were being tailored to each healthcare professional grouping, while she intended asking all relevant statutory bodies to help by providing databases to facilitate licensing (a concurrent task of the Office for Healthcare Standards Compliance (OHSC), which will be integral part of the CoN process)--plus certification.
A major advantage of the CoN would be its use as a tool to ensure that norms and standards set by the Office for Healthcare Standards Compliance (OHSC) regarding public sector equipment and staff distribution were adhered to.
However, without the legislation to back an Office of Healthcare Standards Compliance (OHSC), his department was somewhat hamstrung.