OHSIMOccupational Health and Safety & Injury Management (university course)
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Average salinity conditions in 1997 resulted in 2.5 [km.sup.2] of high suitability, 110 [km.sup.2] of medium to high suitability, 165 [km.sup.2] of low to medium suitability, and 595 [km.sup.2] of low suitability in the inclusive OHSIM results, or 4-RSI (Table 1).
Restoration suitability index values were calculated for the inclusive OHSIM (4-RSI) and the salinity-only-based model (3-RSI, percent cultch value removed), as shown in Figure 9A and B, respectively.
In addition, less than 1 % had low to medium suitability, 4.1 % had medium to high suitability, and almost 5% had high suitability in the inclusive OHSIM (4-RSI) results.
The same approach was used, whereby the analysis shows the percent change in RSI value from a 3-parameter model scenario to the inclusive OHSIM, 4-parameter model, illustrating the sensitivity of the model to each parameter (Fig.
The OHSIM is a simplified version of the one developed by Soniat (2012).
Our results indicated that the OHSIM is highly sensitive to percent cultch.
To determine how robust the OHSIM was to data input, we applied it to 2 regions that had different data resources.
However, we were trying to determine how robust the OHSIM was when nonideal data were available.