OHSMSOccupational Health and Safety Management System
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The ANSI report notes that the possibility of ISO's developing of an OHSMS standard arose in the context of both ISO 9000 and ISO14000, the quality management and the environmental management systems standards, respectively.
At the same time, the organization says, an ISO OHSMS would focus on systems, "and some of these systems extend beyond the occupational health and safety arena.
ANSI, which defines itself as a catalyst for the development of national consensus standards and is the US member to the ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission, lists these possible advantages of an ISO OHSMS standard:
as a systematic approach to OHSMS leading to improved performance in the health and safety area;
as an OHSMS baseline and vocabulary, which may assist companies in establishing a common platform for addressing and communicating occupational health and safety issues;
as a framework for exploring opportunities for more flexible approaches to OHSMS issues in the US; and
the possibility of conflict of an ISO OHSMS standard with existing US labor laws, and
There was also consensus among the international community that if an OHSMS standard were developed by ISO, it should be used for guidance only and not for certification.
workshop held May 7-8 and a market attitude survey conducted to explore the need for an international OHSMS standard.