OHVCOrchestre d'Harmonie de la Ville de Chartres
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The primers prepared in this study--OHVA (24 bp), OHVB (20 bp), OHVC (27 bp), and OHVD (23 bp)--were designed on the longer side to maximize theoretical specificity, and the [T.sub.a] for each primer is high (<65[degrees]C), thus minimizing secondary annealing (Table 2).
Primer Location on OsHV-1 genome C2 AY509253:178181-178204 C6for AY509253:178469-178488 C2rev AY509253:178594-178614 C6 AY509253:178870-178889 OHVC AY509253:178471-178497 OHVD AY509253:178759-178781 OHVA AY509253:4379-4402 OHVB AY509253:4757-4776 TABLE 4.