OHVDOver Height Vehicle Detector (ASTI Transportations Systems, Inc.)
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The primer pairs screened in this study were (1) C2/C6 primers (Renault & Arzul 2001) and newly designed primers C2rev and C6for, which encompass the region amplified by the C2/C6 primers and which were combined into primer pairs (2) C2/C2rev, (3) C6for/C6, (4) OHVA/OHVB, and (5) OHVC/ OHVD. All new primer sequences were checked against GenBank to ensure they were specific to OsHV-1 and variants (Table 3, Fig.
Primer Location on OsHV-1 genome C2 AY509253:178181-178204 C6for AY509253:178469-178488 C2rev AY509253:178594-178614 C6 AY509253:178870-178889 OHVC AY509253:178471-178497 OHVD AY509253:178759-178781 OHVA AY509253:4379-4402 OHVB AY509253:4757-4776 TABLE 4.