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To carry out the research, a new company called OiDE BetaRevive, Inc.
Oide, "Analysis of the Hall effect device using an anisotropic material," Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
--Kotaro Oide, College of Sociology, Rikkyo University
The OIDE is affiliate to UN organization that works on developing the infrastructures of more than 40 countries, particularly in projects related to health, education and small projects.
(16.) Oide T, Tokuda T, Yazaki M, Watarai M, Mitsuhashi S, Kaneko K, Hashimoto T, Ohara S, Ikeda S.
Oide to make a design of the asymmetric energy collider with the TRISTAN ring as the high energy electron synchrotron.
(26.) Oide T, Ohara S, Oguchi K, Maruyama M, Yazawa M, Inoue K, et al.
Kijima has been charged with killing her boyfriend and businessman Yoshiyuki Oide, then 41, in a car park in the city of Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, in August 2009.
TOKYO ELECTION COMMISSION REGARDING THE UPPER HOUSE ELECTION JUSTICE FORMER CAREER IDEOLOGY; OPINION Yamaguchi Career Judge Conservative Kanatani Career Judge Conservative Onishi Career Judge Conservative Ono, Motoo Career Judge Conservative Chigusa Career Judge Conservative Fujii Career Judge Conservative Ijima Prosecutor Conservative Negishi Prosecutor Conservative Oide Bureaucrat Conservative Sonobe Academic Conservative; opinion Ozaki Attorney Liberal; dissenting Endo Attorney Liberal; dissenting Motohara Attorney Liberal; dissenting Kawai Attorney Liberal; dissenting Fukuda Diplomat Liberal; dissenting Total Lib (5); Con (10) JUSTICES' VOTING IN KOSHIYAMA V.